Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello St. Louie!!!

We made it to St. Louis! We strolled the zoo, quickly saw Union Station (and quickly left after we saw a few fellas smoking something that is not legal), saw the Arch, and finished the night at Luminiere Casino. I was not lucky at the one armed bandit but Jeff was fairly lucky at Black Jack. Hopefully his luck will be a forecast for the rest of the week!
We will leave St. Louis tomorrow morning and make the three hour trip to Louisville, KY! I am not looking forward to the car again but at least we will remain in Louisville for four days. Good news is that Jeff's mom is now supposed to drive to meet us in Kentucky on Saturday to see Jeff in the Ironman! We are very excited that she is going to make the drive! I will update with more photos and news tomorrow night. Talk to you soon!

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katie said...

I'm glad everything is going well!

I hope the Ironman goes well, Jeff!