Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh the Men in my life....

Well, by the men in my life, I am actually referring to my father and brother! For nearly a month now, my brother has been in a little pain. He thought it was indigestion and heart burn. Unfortunately it isn't. He has been going around and around with doctors and surgeons to find out that he has gall stones that are stuck...and not budging. He has been in the ER twice (one of which we sat and waited for over 3 hours and never saw a doctor....we finally left because of absolute frustration). They are going do do surgery to remove them but they can't fit him in for over a week. Then there is my father! He suffers from chronic kidney stones. Nearly two months ago he was scheduled to have his stones broken up. The procedure was cancelled because his blood sugar was too low. That made him mad, so he cancelled the procedure. So, GUESS WHAT? He is now in severe pain with kidney stones at the same time my brother is suffering from Gall Stones. He gets to have his stones broken next Friday. I am OVER stones in the men in my life!!! I feel better now that I've vented. Thanks!

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