Friday, August 8, 2008

Totally ghetto!

This photo just makes me laugh!!! Jeff, Chrissy and myself are totally "ghetto" on our trip to Pennsylvania. It is what happens when we are exhausted and confined to a small space with my grandmother and uncle!

I know the trip was months ago....but we still laugh about so many things! I haven't traveled with my grandmother in a long time, so it was an adventure...for all of us! She was so much fun until we traveled (five of us) in a very small and packed Prius. Chrissy, Grandma and I were crammed in the backseat with luggage on our laps and under our feet and poking us in the heads. We were told that the drive would take an hour and a half from Reading, PA to Washington D.C. We figured we could survive until my Granny decided to give us play by play commentary of the entire countryside, including Trash Trucks that are from the same company as Wichita! She was able to point out cows, old barns, long fences and on and on and on. At one point, the three of us started fake sleeping just so we didn't have to respond to her comments. Three hours later we finally arrived in D.C. and the only positive outlet we could find for our exhaustion and dumbfoundedness (if that word doesn't exist it does now!), was this turning ghetto!


D's Mom said...

That is funny. The expression on Jeff's face in particular is amusing. :)

Kern's Kreations said...

Dawg u da phat bizomb!

Miss ya Redd!