Thursday, September 25, 2008

When impulses go wrong....

Impulses....they are those things that you do without really thinking them all the way through. They are those moments that you take a chance or a risk without contemplating what might happen are a few of my impulses lately....

1. Impulse: Running to Dairy Queen at 9 pm because a blizzard just sounds so good
It went wrong when: You regret eating it all by 9:30, and really regret it when you go to the doctor to get weighed.

2. Impulse: Buying a second dog because she is so cute and offered at a discount price.
It went wrong when: Just kidding (sort of), I love my Molly but she has been a handful!

3. Impulse: Arguing politics with an incredibly liberal democrat because the words he is spatting off are so uneducated and slightly offensive to me, that I give in and argue.
It went wrong when: I realized that its your uncle you are fighting with in the middle of a Furrs parking lot with old people staring at you and my poor grandmother trying to calm me down.

4. Impulse: Giving in to Clinique bonus time.
It went wrong when: The high school girl decides that she wants to wipe my makeup off in the middle of the mall to match my new make up perfectly. Seriously, I am as pale as you can get, just give me the alabaster color and let me keep some dignity.

5. Impulse: It's time for a new hairstyle...I want to be trendy!
It went wrong when: I saw myself in the mirror! It is not trendy. It is not like the pictures I printed off the computer. It is not what I wanted.


katie said...

#3 was funny (maybe not at the time, but funny reading about it). I'm so with you on #1 -- there is a blzzard at DQ that I LOVE and I wish I could have it more often. :)

Andrea Kay said...

Yes, #3 wasn't so funny yesterday. My blood pressure was through the roof and still not happy about the discussion (if that's what you want to call it). #3 caused me to go get a blizzard today!

Sarah said...

Oooh, I wish I could have seen that, though.