Friday, November 7, 2008


Jeff and I left Wichita yesterday morning and headed to Colorado. We are celebrating our 4th anniversary and are having a fun little vacation. We started our trip out in Estes Park and spent the first night in a very cute cabin. Today we spent part of the day in Estes Park then we ventured to my old camp (Circle C Camp)....I attended the camp every summer with my youth group and it was so fun for me to go back there. We then headed through the Rocky Mountain National Park and came across a herd of Elk. They were so beautiful! I could have watched them the entire day, but it was around 32 degrees with high winds. So, we hit the road and headed toward Breckenridge where we will spend the next five days. It is soooo cold here! We have hit winter! The temperature dropped to 24 degrees with snow everywhere. We are having a good time....except I am experiencing altitude sickness. Four years ago when we took our honeymoon to Vail, CO I had the same problem. We were told to get oxygen for me and it would resolve the problem....but all oxygen bars (yes....oxygen bars) and oxygen delivery companies were closed for the we were told to go to 7-11 and buy some oxygen. Would you believe they sell "O" in canisters. I am puffing away on it and starting to feel better. I am praying that by tomorrow I will be back on my feet! Here are a few photos of our trip so far.

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