Thursday, December 4, 2008

Violent Game of Spoons!

Thanksgiving traditions are usually filled with pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and maybe sharing our blessings with one another. And, my family does many of those things but with a few strange additions. Every holiday that we get together we like to play games...especially Spoons. (If you are not familiar with spoons then you should play a game with us! ) This year we had Thanksgiving at my brothers new house and he didn't have enough spoons, so we played with tennis balls (and they are so much better because you can throw them farther). This is the first year my cousins kids were allowed to play because we get a little....violent. In the past years, nails have been broken, blood has been shed and marks have been left. This year was no exception. As you can see in the photograph, my cousin Tamara and I are the only females in the family (not including Kourtney) that play the game. We were strongly outnumbered but held our own! We are usually the ones that leave marks and draw blood, but this year was a little different. Tamara and I kept knocking the boys out of the game and were making it to the end every game so the guys got a little violent. By the end of the night my shoulder was in bad shape from a wrestling match with my brother and I had a full bite mark on my hand!!! And as strange as it sounds, we will play again next year. Ahhhh family traditions.


katie said...

Wow you guys are violent! :) Spoons is a fun game.

D's Mom said...

I tagged you on my blog.