Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting too Big!!!

I went to gymnastics class last week and was so proud of Kourtney! She is really growing up too fast! My brother kept telling us that she wouldn't focus during class and struggled on the balance beam. So, I think she was showing off a little last week when Aunt Kay and Granny showed up to be here cheering section! I have no doubt that the other kids parents thought we were crazy as we cheered a 3 year old on!!! She is just too cute!!!!


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

She looks so cute and so big!

D's Mom said...

Oh, that's cute. That makes me want to put Delaney in gymnastics.

Kern's Kreations said...

Cute stuff.
I wanna be in gymnastics too, but I don't look so cute in the tights.