Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Saturday Night...

This evening I was sitting on the sofa watching television and enjoying a quiet night at home. Molly limped in the room looking rather pitiful. I scooped her up and loved on her a while when I saw her poor foot. One of the toe nails just didn't look right. I loved on her a while and then laid her down on the sofa. She wouldn't rest her foot and started licking on it a lot. I left the room and went into the bedroom to change the sheets and found blood on the bed. Well, that's just not "normal". Molly is a perky little dog and she was soooo not perky. As I walked into the kitchen I found a lot more blood on the floor. So, I called the Emergency Vet Clinic and asked her what she thought I should do. So, after about 15 more minutes of watching this pitiful dog limp and just not feel good, I decided to go to the clinic (there is a first for everything, right?). After about half an hour or so they finally took me back and had a look. They thought her nail had broken, which means they would either remove the entire nail or cut it at the break and then bandage her up. Alrighty.....if that's what needs to happen. About 15 minutes later they brought her back with this pitiful bandage. Fortunately it wasn't broken but it was more like when one of our cuticles gets torn (and that's why it was bleeding so bad). They trimmed her up a little, bandaged her so that it could heal and sent us home.....and here is the best part, only charged us $20.00 for the treatment rather than $75.00 for an exam. Do you think they felt sorry for a pregnant lady at 10:00 on a Saturday night? Who know, but whatever works!

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