Friday, November 6, 2009

The Arrival of Mattie Kay

What a day! It did not go according to any plan that we had, or our doctor. First let me say that it all ended perfectly, with a beautiful little healthy girl. We checked into the hospital last night at 6 pm to begin a Cervidil Induction. That lasted until 6 in the morning today and went without a hitch. At 7 this morning they started Pitocin drip to get my labor going. In less than 45 minutes, our nurse came in and immediately put oxygen on me and had me flip to my side, then to the other side and changed positions a few times. She then called the resident doctor in. Apparently Matties' heart rate dropped for over 2 and a half minutes and it was not because of the contractions I was having. So, we kept me on my side and the nurse was next to me watching the monitor constantly. We did three different procedures to see if we could solve the problem. Unfortunately, I was unable to have an epidural yet because of the complications with Mattie. Lets just say that none of these procedures were fun, and I was also having contractions two minutes apart. Whew! At 11 that morning I was finally at 3 cm and given permission to have an epidural. We got through it and the epi did not take. So, the doctor said that he wanted to attempt a second one. Holy cow, sit still for the procedure not once but twice with contractions was good times. The second one was complete and it was inserted too far and I went completely numb from my chest to my toes (and I mean, no feeling, completely numb). The resident doctor and my doctor were in the meantime making a decision that we didn't know was happening. They immediately came to me and said that Mattie's heart rate was still dropping and they don't know why. Next thing I knew all of my cords were disconnected and I was being run down the hallway. Within twenty minutes, Mattie was born via emergency c section and it was the scariest twenty minutes of my life. She did have the umbilical cord wrapped around her arm and leg but the doctors were not sure why we were having problems. They are doing pathology reports to see if the mystery can be solved. No matter, a beautiful little girl was born at 11:49 am to a very proud mother and father. Thank you for the prayers, the thoughts, visits and good wishes. Many more Mattie Kay updates to follow!


D's Mom said...

I am so glad she's here and you're both healthy! I wish I could hold her! She is beautiful! I'm sorry you had some scary moments there but SO SO thankful all ended up well! Yay for you and Mattie and most of all GOD!! :) Congrats to you and Jeff and I can't wait to meet Miss Mattie in person!

Damon and Amy said...

Oh scary!!! I am so glad everything is fine and Mattie is here safe and sound. Bring on the pictures!