Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Incident of the Purple Egg

This is Nolan. Nolan is a precious little guy. He is also very creative. What I quickly learned this past weekend is that Nolan does not like me. He sees me and cries and does not care for me at all. And I am okay with that. Sometimes, its okay to be the bad guy. You see, its all because of a purple egg. I blame the egg. This past weekend, his mommy was holding Nolan while we were chatting away. His big sister was playing with Mattie while I held her and that left Nolan out of the mix of conversation. Katie (mommy to Nolan) asked Delaney where her purple egg was (a fun little plastic Easter egg that was very shiny and purple)? I happened to look down to the ground and saw half of the egg. At the same moment (in some sort of slow motion), Katie and I looked to Nolan and saw a bright eyed, bushy tailed little guy with his mouth as wide as it could be showing no teeth at all, just a bright shiny purple egg. In the swiftest of fashion (that i truly believe only a mommy could move), Katie squeezed her finger in his mouth (where it was very full of bright shiny egg) and luckily was able to pop it out after about two attempts. My poor little heart raced away and we were all relieved that the egg no longer occupied Nolan's mouth. Not a moment later, I see the same bright egg making its way to his mouth again, so I grabbed it from him and said "no no no" (of course in a very friendly but firm fashion). The same precious little creative guy looked at me in the most disgusted manner and began to cry. A few moments passed and as soon as he saw me again, the tears welled up again. You see, its okay in my book to be the bad guy and for Mr. Nolan to not like me. I would much rather have Nolan alive and breathing (and scared to death of me and the shiny purple egg) than to stop breathing. Yep, I'm the bad guy. And that is OKAY.


Kelly T said...

That is hilarious. As said silly boy's auntie, I for one am glad you played the bad guy.

Katie said...

Oh, the egg, the egg. You'll remember that forever. :)