Friday, June 6, 2008

We did it again!

We added a new member to the House of Walters! We have had our basset hound, Solomon for nearly 3 years. So you have to ask...why on earth would they put themselves through the pain and agony of a puppy? Good question! I have no idea. Our first mistake was walking into a pet store. The second mistake was holding the Yorkie puppy. And the third mistake was me telling Jeff that I will go along with whatever he wanted to do!!!! Without any hesitation, he purchased Molly. She is absolutely precious and entertains Solomon around the clock. But good grief!! I am having to potty train another dog! And it is really difficult to discipline her because she's so darn cute! This is how exciting my life is! I am posting about potty training a dog!!!! Welcome to my world!


D's Mom said...

Molly is so cute!! I hope her and Solomon enjoy each other. Hope the house training goes quickly!

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

She is adorable!! Great choice!

Sarah said...

You have a blog! yay!

And I am in full support of anyone buying a Yorkie! My yorkie growing up--Peter the Puppy Dog-- was the best dog ever (and I won't mention that he lived to be almost 20 years old!) :-)