Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We Made It! (through a weekend in Missouri!)

The Walters clan (Jeff, Solomon, Molly.....and ME), made the trip to see the in-laws! We left on Saturday and ventured 5 hours to California! (yes, California is in Missouri). It was a good weekend. The men were supposed to play golf on Monday but mother nature didn't get the memo! So, lots of food, games, movies and fun got us through the weekend. Molly did awesome for her first road trip! She likes to sit in the front on my lap with the air conditioner blowing in her face, spoiled????
This was a trip full of critters! The first night I was in the kitchen with my father in law when he reached over and picked a tick off my shirt!!! Then a tick on a dog..........oh my stars. I thought I was going to have the heebie jeebies all night! I made it through. But the next morning Sherry (my mother in law) found a huge snake skin in the flower garden. So we had to be "cautious" when we went outside. Whew, I was mentally exhausted and needed a nap! So, I lay down and take a nap with Jeff, Solly and Molly.....and I wake up, look over at Jeff and he has a tick on his cheek!!!!! I FLIP MY LID!!!!! I relax with a nice hot shower and find a wonderful spider on the floor. I was sooooooo on edge all weekend. And I didn't even mention any of the mosquitos. My in-laws live in a small town in Missouri and they actually live in the country. So, to them all the critters were normal and okay. NOT ME. I was soooooooooooooooooooo happy to be home and in my house that is relatively critter free. Glad to be home!


D's Mom said...

Oh my. I do NOT do well with critters....bugs, snakes, spiders, etc.

Uplift said...

Hey there! I love blogs for this reason! Finding people you have lost. Anita