Friday, December 19, 2008

A Cool Must See in Wichita!!!

Last year, Jeff and I went Christmas light looking. We stumbled across a house that had really cool lights that seemed to flicker on and off randomly. Finally, after a few minutes of "stupid" we noticed a sign in the front yard that told you to tune your radio to a certain channel. And then, we got it! The house had Christmas lights animated to Christmas songs and it was pumping through our radio speakers (in the nice warm car!). It was sooooo cool to watch. So, right after Thanksgiving we decided to drive by and see if the house was lit up again......and boy was it ever! The house had expanded to include his neighbors house as well. If you have a free evening, you really should drive by the house, it is well worth the wait! The address is 1464 Coolidge (in Riverside).... you can also visit his website, but the photos do not do it justice!!! Go check it out!

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