Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reality Check...

Last night Jeff and I were on the sofa watching the Royals play baseball. A commercial came on for one of the million cell phone companies out there. It was a young couple saying goodbye to each other because the knight in shining armor was going to Paris and London on a trip. But, what a super swell guy, he kept sending photos of himself in front of monuments to tell her he was missing her. Then, he sends a photo to her of her sitting on a park bench (which she was actually doing at the time). He'd missed her so much, he'd flown home and left all those amazing places behind him to be with her. They embraced and just were so lovey dovey.
So, switch to me, I start laughing really really hard. Jeff looks at me like I'm crazy and says what? I pointed at him at the other end of the sofa, Solomon (53 pound basset hound spread out between us), me with an electric blanket and Molly sleeping on my lap in my PJ's and I say, "This is our reality....our romance level". I thought that was pretty funny. Commercials paint such pretty pictures of romance and happiness.......but is it reality? LOL!! NO! Not at the House of Walters!

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katie said...

Ha! I'm sure you and Jeff have your romantic moments, but married couples aren't romantic 24 hours a least not in my household. :)