Thursday, June 18, 2009


Whew! Yesterday was an interesting day. I started off with a baby checkup. I love going to the doctor since I get to hear her heartbeat. It took a minute to find because the baby is low, but when it was found, it was pitter pattering at 156 bpm! I love to hear it!! Our doctor reviewed our ultrasound and said that everything looks great. She listed "percentile's" but I have to research that before I really know what they all mean (but the doctor said they were good). She was also confident in the ultrasound tech saying "it's a girl". She said the tech that did it is experienced and really good at her job. So once again, we are going with it....It's A Girl!

Well, I wish that was the only appointment I had yesterday but it wasn't. I had my scheduled root canal.....and oh golly. The procedure was supposed to take an hour to hour fifteen, but it ended up being well over two hours. They couldn't get me numb!!! I stopped counting how many shots went in my mouth and jaw after 10 shots (yeah, 10 shots).....after sitting in the chair for 45 minutes I asked to get up and walk around before the root canal got started. I went out to tell Jeff that we were struggling and by the time I got out to him, my one side of my face swelled up and I finally went numb. The procedure itself was fairly pain free. However, today I feel like I've been run over by a big ole' truck. My jaw hurts so bad from all the shots (which the doctor warned me about and told me to take Tylenol)....oh golly. I am so glad its over but I have to go back in two weeks for the crown. Ughhhh, have I mentioned how much I hate dentists???

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D's Mom said...

Oh man. SO sorry that you had to have a root canal. I haven't ever had one and obviously have no desire to. :)

Always good to hear a Baby Walters update! So glad she's doing well!