Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Prayer.....

At 4 a.m. this morning, our doorbell rang. A police officer came to get Jeff because a fellow officer was shot twice on duty. He was shot in his upper leg, where it hit an artery, and another bullet hit his bladder. Fortunately, he was lucky. He lost over 9 units of blood, but a fellow police officer (who happens to be his best friend) was at the scene in moments and because of quick thinking was able to save his life. He was in surgery most of this morning but is to make a full recovery in time. It has really been a reality check for the entire police unit. Jeff is friends with him and the police officer that saved his life, so he was at the hospital at about 4 a.m.! The man that shot him ran for a short while and then shot and killed himself within 6 feet of the officers searching for him. He could have easily hurt several more officers,
but thankfully did not.
So, I am simply asking for everyone to pray for him and his recovery (physically and mentally) as well as all of the officers. It is incredibly difficult to work a job with confidence knowing that bad things can happen at anytime, by anyone and in any situation. And its really difficult to not be worried about your loved ones day in and day out. So, prayers for all of the officers are welcome.

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Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

So scary... I will say a prayer for all our brave policemen, and the man who was shot.